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Article: Must-have children's bow tie for wedding ring boy

a littlie boy wearing a black bowtie

Must-have children's bow tie for wedding ring boy

When it comes to weddings, every detail matters, including the attire of the little ring bearers. A well-dressed ring bearer adds charm and elegance to the ceremony, and a children's bow tie is an essential accessory to complete their ensemble. Here are some ideas on how to match the bow ties of a wedding ring boy.

little boy wearing a boy  bowtie

Styling Bow tie for Wedding Ring Boy 

Classic Black Bow Tie

The timeless elegance of a black bow tie never goes out of style. It complements any color scheme and adds a touch of sophistication to the ring bearer's outfit. Opt for a satin or silk fabric for a luxurious look and feel. Pair it with a crisp white shirt for a traditional and polished ensemble.

Ivory Bow Tie

Ivory is a popular choice for weddings, especially for a classic and romantic theme. An ivory bow tie adds warmth and softness to the ring bearer's attire. Choose a satin or matte fabric to complement the wedding theme and the ring bearer's outfit.

Pair it with a light-colored shirt for a cohesive look.

Navy Blue Bow Tie

Navy blue is a versatile and sophisticated color choice for wedding attire. It adds a modern twist to the ring bearer's ensemble while maintaining a timeless appeal. Opt for a silk or cotton fabric with a subtle sheen for a polished finish. Pair it with a white or light blue shirt for a stylish and refined look.

Blush Pink Bow Tie

Blush pink is a romantic and whimsical color choice for weddings, perfect for a soft and elegant aesthetic. Choose a silk or satin fabric with a delicate texture for a luxurious feel.

Pair it with a white or light pink shirt for a charming and sophisticated ensemble.

Light Gray Bow Tie

Light gray is a sophisticated and understated color choice that adds a modern touch to the ring bearer's outfit. Opt for a matte or textured fabric for a contemporary look and feel. Pair it with a white or light-colored shirt and darker gray for a stylish contrast.


Burgundy Bow Tie

Burgundy is a rich and luxurious color choice for weddings, perfect for adding a pop of color to the ring bearer's attire. Choose a silk or velvet fabric for a sumptuous and opulent look. Pair it with a white or ivory shirt for a bold and stylish ensemble.


Patterned Bow Tie

A patterned bow tie adds personality and charm to the ring bearer's outfit, perfect for a playful and whimsical wedding theme. Choose a pattern that complements the wedding colors and the ring bearer's attire, such as stripes, polka dots, or florals.

Pair it with a solid-colored shirt to let the bow tie stand out as a focal point.

Novelty Bow Tie

For a fun and lighthearted touch, consider a novelty bow tie featuring playful motifs or designs. Choose a novelty bow tie that reflects the ring bearer's interests or hobbies, such as animals, sports, or superheroes. Pair it with a coordinating shirt for a quirky and memorable ensemble that will delight wedding guests.

How big should a kids bow tie be?

Pre-Tied Bow Ties

For infants and toddlers (up to 2 years old), opt for pre-tied bow ties that are typically adjustable and come with a clip-on or hook-and-loop closure. These are convenient and easy to put on and adjust to fit different neck sizes.

Self-Tie Bow Ties

For older children (around 3 years old and above), consider self-tie bow ties that require manual tying. These bow ties come in various sizes to accommodate different neck circumferences. Measure the child's neck circumference and add a couple of inches for comfort. The width of the bow tie should be proportionate to the child's neck size, typically ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 inches wide.

The length of the bow tie straps should be long enough to allow for tying but not too long that they hang too low or become a safety hazard.

The bow itself should be proportionate to the child's face and body size, neither too large nor too small. A bow size of around 2 to 3 inches wide is generally suitable for most children.

Adjustable Bow Ties

Some self-tie bow ties for kids come with adjustable neckbands, allowing for a customized fit. These are particularly useful for accommodating different neck sizes and ensuring comfort throughout the day.

Consider the Occasion

For formal events like weddings or special occasions, a slightly larger bow tie may be appropriate to create a more sophisticated look. However, for everyday wear or casual events, a smaller bow tie may be more practical and comfortable for the child.


Choosing the perfect children's bow tie for a wedding ring bearer is an important decision that adds the finishing touch to their ensemble. With the right bow tie, the ring bearer will look adorable, stylish, and ready to play their special role in the wedding celebration.

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