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Article: How Long is An Extra Long Tie?

Male model wearing suit and tie

How Long is An Extra Long Tie?

A tie with a length of 61 or 62 inches is considered extra long. For many men, finding a tie that fits properly can be a real challenge. Standard tie lengths are designed for the average male, leaving taller gentlemen with ties that are simply too short. An extra-long tie is the solution for those who need extra length. But there remain a few questions when it comes to extra long ties. Let’s try to find out the answers. 

Male model wearing suit and tie

Standard Necktie Length

Before we dive into extra long ties, let's first look at standard tie measurements. A standard tie typically measures between 57 and 59 inches in overall length. This allows enough fabric to create the traditional knotting length of 18 to 21 inches when tied in a four-in-hand knot around an average 16 to 16.5 inch shirt collar.

Of course, these are just general guidelines. Shorter men may need ties on the shorter end of this range, while taller gentlemen could require something longer than 59 inches. Many premium tie makers produce ties between 58 and 60 inches to accommodate a wider range of heights and neck sizes.

When Do You Need an Extra Long Tie?

If you find that your standard ties barely reach your beltline when properly knotted, or they leave your collar looking messy and unkempt, it's likely time to upgrade to an extra long tie. Typically, men over 6'2" or those with a neck size over 17 inches will benefit from additional length.

Another factor is personal preference on the length and knot size you like to wear. Some men prefer a larger, more robust knot while others opt for a trim, minimal knot. The larger your knot, the more length you'll need from the tie.

Tie Length Categories

In addition to standard and extra long, ties are also categorized as short, long, and extra extra long. What is extra long tie length? Here's a quick breakdown of these sizing categories:

Short Tie: 54 - 57 inches

Standard/Regular Tie: 57 - 59 inches  

Extra  Long Tie: 60 - 62 inches

Extra Extra Long Tie: 66+ inches

As you can see, extra long ties range from 63 to 65 inches, giving 4 to 8 inches of additional length over a standard tie. This allows for knotting lengths up to 24 inches or possibly more depending on knot style.

Measuring for Your Ideal Extra Long Tie

To determine the ideal length for an extra long tie, you'll need to take a couple quick measurements:

  1. Measure from the base of your neck, where the tie knot would sit, all the way down to your desired tie length. Many men choose to have the tie tip grazing the belt buckle or extending 1-2 inches below the beltline.

  1. Next, add 10-12 inches to that measurement to account for the length needed for the knot and tail. So if you measured 25 inches from neck to belt, add 10-12 inches for a total tie length of 35-37 inches.

If your total measurement falls in the 63-65 inch range, then an extra long tie is perfect for you. Just keep in mind that anywhere over 66 inches would put you in extra extra long territory, which can sometimes be too long for most situations.

Styling an Extra Long Tie

Once you have the proper extra long tie length, you'll want to learn a few styling tips. First, resist the temptation to leave excess fabric bundled up inside the knot or dangling behind the tie blade. This will just create an unsightly bulge or messy look. Instead, let the extra length extend down the tie blade in a smooth taper.

You may also want to opt for a slimmer tie width like 2.5 or 3 inches when wearing an extra long tie. Wider ties can look overwhelming when extremely long.

Don't be afraid to experiment with fun, unique knots that take advantage of the extra length! From the striking Shelby knot to complex Aesthetic knots, an extra long tie provides more fabric to get creative.

This is what to look for in an extra long necktie and how long it should be. With the right length and a few style tips, even the tallest gentlemen can achieve a sharp, refined look with their neckties. If you are looking for quality neckties of different sizes try Hi-Tie. The best part of Hi-Tie is that we offer our neckties in different sizes. We have a large collection of neckties in different colors, sizes and patterns. You will find collections for special occasions. 

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