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Article: How to match a necktie to your suit or shirt?

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How to match a necktie to your suit or shirt?

It is said that the tie is the window of a man's suit, and the last highlight of a suit is the tie.
Suit and tie for the same color or contrast color can wear a different style
How to match a tie with a suit is a common question and a troublesome thing. Therefore, we will give you our advice on how to match a tie with a suit or shirt.

blue suit shirt to silver gray, light pink, white is mainly the best; tie can choose: gray blush, dark blue, brick red, gray, etc.

dark blue suit shirt in white, bright blue is mainly the best; tie can choose blue, carmine, goose yellow, etc.

hazy blue suit shirt in light yellow,bright gray is mainly the best; tie can choose gray, carmine

Black suit shirt in white, light color is the main; tie can choose blue, gray, green, etc.

Grey suit shirt in light color, white is the main; tie optional gray, yellow, green, brick color, etc.

Brown suit shirt in white, light blue, gray, light gray is mainly the best; tie optional gray, green, yellow, dark green, etc.

Next, share some more tips on tie matching.

Different seasons correspond to different material ties, spring and summer seasons for silk, fiber, hemp ties, autumn and winter season for wool, and silk-wool blend ties.

Different patterns also correspond to different styles: polka dots on behalf of the dumping of retro; square on behalf of wisdom gentlemen; twill on behalf of spontaneous bias business wind.

1) About tie material.

Among the many ties, silk ties are the most classic, silk fabric itself shimmering, and tying the bow tie to highlight the texture, full of sophistication, is a slightly higher price.

The wool tie is perfect for the fall and winter season with wool suits, the sophistication and fashion sense are good, business and leisure are suitable, and the price is moderate.

Then there are the ties made of silk and chemical fiber blends, which are not as sophisticated, but have more styles and colors, are suitable for all occasions, and have a high-cost performance.

Here is a reminder: more formal and high-level business activities, avoid wearing chemical fiber and rough workmanship, thin material ties, and no texture.

2) About tie style

The style of the tie is mainly the width of the tie, the width of the tie is different, and the style presented is also different.
If you often go to regular business places, it is recommended to choose a tie width that suits you.

3) About tie length

The best length of the tie is: after tying the tie knot, the tip of the tie just touches the top edge of the belt buckle. Too long or too short is inappropriate, and it will greatly compromise your professional image.

When wearing a vest or sweater, the tie should be placed behind them, and note that a tie clip is usually best clipped between the fourth or fifth button of the shirt.

A sophisticated gentleman, not only the suit is sophisticated, the choice of the tie is everywhere in the pursuit of refinement and personality.

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